xHP Flashtool

Enhance the performance of your BMW dramatically!

xHP Flashtool

xHP Flashtool is the complete Tuning solution for your BMW ZF6HP, ZF8HP Automatic or 7-Speed DCT transmission. Like with all OEM systems, these can be restrictive and xHP is designed to remove these restrictions and adjust the TCU software to improve performance even further. It allows full customisation of your automatic transmission and is available for over 200 BMW Models.

The stages are developed individually per vehicle which means that features and setups may vary depending on your vehicle. All Stages are developed within the transmissions limits and millions of miles have already been driven using xHP Software which is the best proof for reliability and durability.

xHP Flashtool

01 STAGE 1

Stage 1 files are made to enhance mileage and comfort. Shift points are adapted to make optimal use of your engines torque and keep revs low and steady all the time. Gearbox Torque Limiters are removed to open the way for proper operation when paired with tuned engines.

02 STAGE 2

Stage 2 files focus on the sporty aspects, without compromising comfort. Shift points and Clutch-Pressures are adapted to speed up shifting and reduce reaction times.

03 STAGE 3

Stage 3 Maps are made for those focused on fast road and track use. While the standard D-Mode mostly retains factory smoothness the Sport and Manual modes are optimised for the fastest shifts possible. On some vehicles, features like Launch Control and “True Manual Mode” are also available.