V-tech Dynamometers

We are the UK’s Official Supplier of V-tech Dynamometers. Therefore, if you are a tuning company looking to expand your business with the addition of a market leading Rolling Road, contact us today!

V-tech have been the leading dynamometers manufacturer for over 20 years, producing some of the most advanced dynos and dyno software on the market.

The Modular design of V-tech dynamometers gives you endless opportunity to upgrade and expand your business. There is no requirement to purchase a 4WD dyno from the outset. You can purchase a 2WD VT-2 without brakes and later choose to add brakes and/or a 4WD extension along with any additional accessories. Thanks to the fully modular design everything is upgradeable allowing the dyno to pay for itself!

The VT2/VT4 modular chassis dynamometer series have been present on the European market for more than two decades. The first rolling road was created and installed in 1999, and since the very beginning, they featured exceptional accuracy of measurement and reliability. Since then, V-tech chassis dynos (rolling roads) have constantly been developed and improved by the R&D team. Today’s variants include modular one axle dynamometers and 4WD chassis dynamometers.

V-tech dynamometers are available in both inertial and braked versions. Additionally, the 4WD version offers a true 4WD belt linked system providing a true mechanical connection between the front and rear rollers, not an ‘electronic link’ from separated sets like most other 4WD rollers use. This means the front and rear wheel speeds are mechanically locked to ensure precise simulation of how the vehicle would drive on the road. This ensures the utmost accuracy, preventing damage to the vehicles drivetrain during testing, no unplugging of safety features or disconnection of driveshafts or haldex systems. Many vehicles including the newest BMW xDrive, Porsche AWD and Mercedes 4Matic can be severely damaged if the speed of the front and rear axles is not synchronised.

V-tech Dynamometers Features:

  • Amazing accuracy – up to 3000 real measurement points per second, relative accuracy below 0.1% (based on the proprietary technology TrueForce II). This is the highest possible performance.
  • Ultra-Grip knurled rollers are perfect for high torque electric and hybrid cars. No slipping.
  • Modularity – you can buy an inertial dyno, add an eddy current brake, a motorcycle unit, additional sensors. You can even have four eddy current brakes – up to 2000 HP!
  • Full 1:1 mechanical synchronisation of axles in 4WD dynos – you are able to measure vehicles with the most advanced 4WD systems.
  • Selected by rally and racing teams, tuners and services all over Europe
  • Rolling roads produced by tuners for tuners – resulting in complete ease of handling.
  • Dynos have the full support of the V-tech team with initial warranty which can be extended should you choose to.
  • Multiple configurations and options of dynamometers are available for sale.
  • The software upgrade is free if V-tech service the dyno

Many popular chassis dynamometers manufacturers use lightweight painted rollers or cover them with adhesive glue and sand. These rollers are worn quickly and as not only do they look unsightly in general; they also offer poor grip.

The V-tech solution is different – embossing a unique tread (with high mechanical pressure). This tread is 3D and CAD/CAM-optimised and can be described as teeth-shaped lines embossed in the rollers. They are designed so that each ‘line’ has two ‘tops’ across the roller (instead of a standard method of milling and thus – having only one pinnacle per line). This doubles the number of contacts to the tyres. Lastly, between both ‘tops’, there are micro-cuts (at a right angle to the teeth shaped line) to prevent tyres from flattening the tread. In addition, the large diameter and heavy weight of the rollers allow for significantly improved grip and a more accurate simulation of road conditions as well as improved safety during testing.

V-tech have also developed a new, vastly improved design of knurling called TractionBoost. It uses bi-prismatic tread to prepare your Rolling Road for the era of electric cars with huge amounts of immediate torque.

Finally, the rollers are covered with a unique double-layer chromium cover to protect them from being worn and even after many years of use, your rollers will look as good as new.


The VT2/VT4 modular chassis dynamometer series have been present on the European market for more than two decades. V-tech dynamometers are available in both inertial and braked versions and there are multiple models, configurations and options to choose from depending on your specific needs.