Gearbox Tuning

We also offer Tuning for VAG DSG/PDK Gearboxes and the ZF8 Gearboxes found in the BMW and VAG ranges. Like with all OEM systems, these can be restrictive. Our custom Gearbox tuning is designed to remove these restrictions and adjust the TCU software to improve performance even further.

Our Custom Gearbox Tuning service will alter the following parameters / options:

Increased Torque Limiter

When tuning the engine management system, torque limiters are increased. However, if the vehicle is equipped with a DSG/ZF8 gearbox the engine output will be limited by the torque limiter set in the DSG/ZF8 module. We raise the torque limiter to match the engine torque output.

Quicker Shift Speeds

Shift speeds can be increased by up to 20%, this reduces lag and improves acceleration. The quicker shift speeds will also give a smoother transition between gear changes and improve paddle shift response time.

RPM Limits & Shift Set Points

The DSG/ZF8 also has control over the RPM limiters for each gear and when tuning the engine management RPM limiters, the same changes have to be applied to the TCU controller. Increasing these shift points will give the driver full control and command of the engines power in the upper RPM ranges and we will set the TCU rev limit to work with your engine’s current setup.

Launch Control

Launch control can be activated depending on the model. Launch control will allow your car to make the perfect launch every time, reducing your 0 – 60 time and increasing the fun factor.

Full Manual Mode

Even when in manual mode, stock DSG/ZF8 software will force the gearbox to change up or kick down. Our custom DSG/ZF8 Remap allows the driver to have full control by preventing auto changing in manual mode (model specific).


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