Our Workshop

We have moved from our previous Scotland and Devon workshops into our 5000 sq ft Bristol HQ located at Unit 5 Willment Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 8DJ. We have invested heavily to provide a high-quality facility to our customers including a spacious customer waiting room with workshop views, free Wi-Fi and complimentary drinks.

We can provide courtesy cars by appointment so customers can enjoy the City of Bristol and there are several local hotels to stay in if you are coming from far afield.


V-tech have been the leading dynamometers manufacturer for over 20 years, producing some of the most advanced dynos and dyno software on the market.

Our V-tech 4WD Rolling Road is the latest model, controlled by state-of-the-art DynaVTECH software and patented TrueForce II technology.

Our Rolling Road is different to most, it offers a true 4WD belt linked system providing a true mechanical connection between the front and rear rollers, not an ‘electronic link’ from separated sets like most other 4WD rollers use. This means the front and rear wheel speeds are mechanically locked to ensure precise simulation of how the vehicle would drive on the road.

This ensures the utmost accuracy, preventing damage to the vehicles drivetrain during testing, no unplugging of safety features or disconnection of driveshafts or haldex systems. Many vehicles including the newest BMW xDrive, Porsche AWD and Mercedes 4Matic can be severely damaged if the speed of the front and rear axles is not synchronised.

Our set up is also equipped with additional hardware such as Boost Sensors, AFR Sensors and an OBD/CAN Interface. This allows us to carry out extensive data analysis on the Dyno and ensure the utmost accuracy when tuning your vehicle.

The Dyno is housed within our dedicated sound reducing dyno cell which is fitted with powerful centrifugal fans and exhaust extraction. Our advanced cooling and extraction set up creates a controlled and safe environment to testing and developing purposes and allows us to achieve repeatable performance figures.


5000 sq ft Workshop

State of the Art Dyno cell

4WD V-tech Mechanically Linked Dyno

Fully Equipped Workshop

Dealer Level Servicing

Customer waiting room with free Wi-Fi

Online Shop

Our aim is to bring you the best performance brands from around the world. We supply a range of performance upgrades from exhaust systems, air intakes, intercoolers and more. We also supply Tuning and Diagnostic Tools. You can visit our shop to find out more about the products we have on offer.