Pro Tuning Freaks have been working tirelessly since late 2015 to create a truly unique cloud-based performance flash tuning platform offering benefits both end users and tuners in ways prior unimaginable! Bootmod3 is a full custom tuning platform for the factory engine computer (DME) available for Windows, macOS and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

We offer all OTS Bootmod3 stages of tuning as well as Custom Tuning by our Software Engineers utilising the Bootmod3 Platform and our state-of-the-art 4WD Mechanically Linked Dyno.

All Bootmod3 calibrations supplied by us will include full access to the Bootmod3 platform to you on your chosen device, giving you the ability to make further changes to your map or even return the vehicle to stock in future. Please note that additional hardware such as an ENET cable will be required and this can also be supplied by us.

Some of the map features available via Bootmod3:

  • Map Customisation through Map Editor
  • Top speed limiter removal
  • Higher rev limiter
  • Exhaust burble (GTS, custom, aggressive mode), switchable with the steering wheel controls in efficient vs. sport mode
  • GTS Start-up Roar
  • GTS DCT Transmission flash
  • Re-calibrated Sports Display on iDrive
  • Cold start cat heat cycle and cat efficiency check removed (for off-road use)
  • Maps for upgraded turbos
  • E85/blend, race gas and meth injection tuning
  • Custom throttle mapping