BMW Servicing and Repairs in Bristol

We are a comprehensive BMW Service and Performance Centre in Bristol, providing a range of service and repair options to help keep your BMW mechanically sound and performing at its best. Therefore, whether you are looking for a routine service, major service, repair or performance upgrades for your BMW, we are the BMW specialists to look after your pride and joy.

We deliver dealership standards of service and BMW servicing in line with manufacturer recommendations, but without the hefty price tag. Furthermore, we only supply genuine parts and are fully equipped with genuine dealer level equipment. This gives us the ability to update your Digital Service Book and iDrive Service History, thus maintaining your BMW warranty and improving the resale value of your vehicle.

BMW Servicing Bristol
BMW M servicing Bristol

Our services are available for all BMW’s from Diesel to Petrol models including BMW M vehicles.

Why you should service your BMW



The smallest faults become critical when left unnoticed. Our BWM service follows BMW manufacture protocol to ensure all the mechanics and systems are safe and sound.



Our routine BMW service prevents niggly, repeat repairs – say goodbye to failed MOTs and stay on the road without a hitch.



Service keeps your BMW running at peak performance, helping you gain better fuel efficiency and a longer lifespan.



Make immediate savings, with lasting results. A regular BMW service catches problems early on which are easier and cheaper to fix, avoiding hefty repair bills.

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